Why does John Tavares wear 91? (You’d want to know)

Why does John Tavares wear the number 91? For most of his early playing years, John Tavares donned the number 19 on his jersey. When the New York Islanders selected him in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, his desired 19 jersey had already been retired by the Islanders in 2001 to honor Bryan Trottier. This left John Tavares no other option but to switch up his digits and take up the number 91 instead. And he’s been reaping it ever since!

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Jersey Number 91 and discover what John Tavares has to say about it! Did he happen to share anything about his jersey? You bet! Let’s find out together, shall we? 

Why does John Tavares wear the number 91?

In the world of hockey, everything has a story, considering the emotional and symbolic value behind each element on the rink. The same is the case here too. Before he became the superstar we know today, John Tavares was making waves in the world of junior hockey while sporting the number 19 on his back. 

Let me tell you an intriguing story about how he came to wear the number 19. Back in their early hockey years, John and Steven Stamkos were teammates. Interestingly, both of them used to don the 19 jersey number. However, their coach had other plans. The coach switched things up and gave John Tavares the number 19, and Steve Stamkos ended up with the number 91. And so, the journey began with the number 19 proudly adorning his back. 

But here’s the remarkable thing: Steve Stamkos, the same Steve Stamkos we know today, still dons the number 91, never once wavering in his choice of jersey number.

The Story Behind John Tavares’ Shift from 19 to 91

You may be wondering why the switch occurred from 19 to 91. Well, the answer to that question has already been provided above. 2009, Tavares got the call of a lifetime when the New York Islanders drafted him as the first overall pick. The catch? The Islanders had already retired the number 19 jersey years earlier in honor of the legendary Bryan Trottier, who had left an indelible mark on the team.

So, what’s a rising star to do when faced with this jersey number conundrum? 

Embrace change and create a new legacy! John Tavares decided to swap his cherished number 19 for the unique and memorable number 91. It wasn’t just a random choice but a fresh start, a new chapter in his remarkable career.

By wearing the number 91, John Tavares was signaling to the hockey world that he was ready to take on the challenges of the NHL head-on. It symbolized his determination to carve out his path in the NHL, a path that would one day be celebrated by fans worldwide. He wasn’t daunted by the legacy of the number 19 or the greatness of Bryan Trottier; he was ready to make his mark in his way. 

This was one the best reasons why John Tavares wears 91. 

However, there are other possibilities, like it’s his lucky number or birth year or date. We know he was born in the ninth month of 1990 (September 20, 1990). Or the number 91 could be a tribute to his parents’ birthdays, a personal reminder of his family, as he frequently expresses his gratitude to them. Like his uncle, a Lacrosse superstar, John used to wear 9. 

Final Words

So, the next time you see John Tavares on the ice with that unmistakable number 91 on his back, remember the story behind it. In the end, it’s not just about what John wears on his back, although it does matter to some extent. What truly defines him as a true legend is his exceptional performance and the relentless dedication he puts into every endeavor. 

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