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NHL Video Coaches for the 23-24 Season Across 32 Teams

Current Video Coaches in NHL

Hockey is a sport that requires a keen eye for strategy, impeccable timing, and a lot of quick thinking. That’s where NHL video coaches come in – they have unique expertise in analyzing game footage and breaking down plays to help their teams win. 

While we often hear about the players on the ice, video coaches play an important role. And are integral to a team’s success. 

Whether pinpointing weaknesses in the opposing team or studying their players’ performance, these coaches work tirelessly to help their teams come out on top.

With so many NHL teams out there, it’s fascinating to think about the different approaches and techniques these video coaches bring to the table.

Let’s look at some exciting personalities that play this vital role in hockey.

The NHL’s Video Coaches for Seasons 23-24

Anaheim DucksBrett Ferguson (Video Coach)
Austin Violette (Video Coach)
Arizona CoyotesHunter Cherni (Head Video Coordinator)
Boston BruinsMathew Myers (Video Coordinator)
Dan Darrow (Assistant Video Coordinator)
Buffalo SabresJustin White (Video Coordinator)
Matt Smith (Video Coordinator)
Calgary FlamesAndrew Doty (Video Coach)
Jamie Pringle (Assistant Video Coach)
Carolina HurricanesChris Huffine (Video Coach)
Chicago BlackhawksMatt Meacham (Assistant Coach, Video)
Adam Gill (Assistant Video Coach)
Colorado AvalancheBrett Heimlich (Assistant Coach, Video)
Columbus Blue JacketsDan singleton (Video Assistant Coach)
Aron Augustitus (Hockey Video Assistant)
Dallas StarsPatrick Dolan (Video Coach)
Chris Demczuk (Assistant Video Coach)
Detroit Red WingsL.j. Scarpace (Video Coach)
Jeff Weintraub (Assistant Video Coordinator)
Edmonton OilersNoah Segall (Video Coach)
Mike Fanelli (Video and Coaching Analytics Coordinator)
Florida PanthersMyles Fee (Assistant Coach, Video)
John Congemi (Assistant Video Coach)
Los Angeles KingsSamson Lee (Video Coordinator)
Minnesota WildJonas Plumb (Head Video Coach)
Tj Jindra (Video Coach)
Montreal CanadiensEric Gravel (Video Coach)
Daniel Harvey (Video Coach)
Nashville PredatorsLawrence Feloney (Assistant Coach, Video)
Sebastien Bordeleau (Video Coordinator)
New Jersey DevilsJerry Dineen (Head Video Coach)
Ian Greenwald (Video Coach)
New York IslandersMatt Demado (Video Coordinator)
Corey Smith (Assistant Video Coordinator)
New York RangersSam Kelley (Video Assistant)
Kyle Smith (Head Video Coordinator)
Ottawa SenatorsMichael King (Video Coach)
Evan Mathias (Assistant Video Coach)
Philadelphia FlyersAdam Patterson (Video Coach)
Vinny Yula (Assistant Video Coach)
Pittsburgh PenguinsMadison Nikkel (Video Coach)
CJ D’Alimonte (Assistant Video Coach)
San Jose SharksNick Gialdini (Video Coach)
Cody Ward (Assistant Video Coach)
Seattle KrakenTim Ohashi (Assistant Coach, Video)
Brady Morgan (Video Assistant)
St Louis BluesDarryl Seward (Head Video Coach)
Elliott Mondou (Video Coordinator)
Tampa Bay LightningNigel Kirwan (Video Coach)
Brian Garlock (Video Coordinator)
Toronto Maple LeafsJordan Bean (Video Coordinator and Statistical Analyst)
Sam Kim (Video & Coaching Coordinator)
Vancouver CanucksDylan Crawford (Video Coach)
Greg Houde (Assistant Video Coach)
Vegas Golden KnightsDave Rogowski (Video Coach)
Washington CapitalsBrett Leonhardt (Assistant Coach, Video)
Emily Engel-Natzke (Video Coordinator)
Winnipeg JetsMatt Prefontaine (Video & Analytics Coach)
James Cochrane (Coordinator, Hockey Video)

Related Questions

1. What is the Role of a NHL Team Video Coach?

NHL Video Coaches play a crucial role by analyzing game footage to provide insights to players and coaches. They help improve strategies, identify opponents’ weaknesses, and enhance player performance—their work aids in making informed decisions, contributing to a team’s success on the ice.

2. What does an NHL assistant coach do?

Assistant coaches assist the head coach in conducting practice sessions and typically oversee a specific group of players, such as forwards or defensemen. Their placement on the bench is often determined by the group they are responsible for.

3. What do NHL team managers do?

In the NHL, the general manager of a team typically oversees player transactions and assumes the primary responsibility on behalf of the hockey club during contract negotiations with players.

4. What is the average salary of NHL Video Coach?

The average salary of an NHL Video Coach can vary, but it’s typically between $50,000 and $200,000 per year. However, some experienced or high-profile video coaches may earn more, while those newer ones might earn less. The team’s budget and location can also influence salaries.

5. What is the difference between a coach and an assistant coach in NHL

The main difference between a head coach and an assistant coach in the NHL is their level of authority and responsibility. While the head coach is ultimately responsible for the team’s performance and strategy, assistant coaches play a supportive role by providing specialized coaching to specific groups of players and assisting with game preparation.

The Rising Importance of NHL Video Coaches

So these were the people responsible for video coaching for their respective teams in the NHL. Teams are relying on their video coaches more than ever.

When teams take advantage of this knowledge, it gives them a significant edge during crucial on-ice moments.

Furthermore, embracing the value of experienced video coaches could make a massive difference between success and failure for many teams this upcoming season.

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