Mike Babcock Resigns Amid Blue Jackets Investigation

Sports fans are often treated to unexpected twists and turns, but the recent news surrounding Mike Babcock’s departure from the Columbus Blue Jackets is undeniably one for the books.

In this blog, I will talk more about the shocking events that led to Babcock stepping down as the head coach of the Blue Jackets, the underlying factors, and what the future might hold for this seasoned coach and the franchise.

The Unusual Departure

The news broke suddenly, leaving fans and experts alike scratching their heads. Mike Babcock, a respected figure in the hockey world, had decided to step down from his position as the head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets. This announcement sent shockwaves through the hockey community, and for good reason. Let’s dissect this unprecedented situation step by step.

The Babcock Era in Columbus

Before we get into why Babcock left, let’s take a step back and see how he ended up in Columbus in the first place. Some people were slightly surprised when the Blue Jackets hired him, but it wasn’t unfounded.

The team was getting close to being a playoff contender and had added some solid defensemen to their roster. Bringing in Babcock, who had much NHL coaching experience, seemed like a reasonable move to lead the team.

The Allegations Surface

Fast forward to the unexpected events that led to Babcock’s resignation. It all started with allegations that players in Columbus were unhappy with specific practices and behaviors exhibited by Babcock.

Paul Bissonnette, a former NHL player, was among the first to voice these concerns publicly. He claimed that Babcock had been showing players embarrassing photos, sparking discomfort among the team.

Initially, the NHL Players’ Association (NHLPA) conducted a cursory inquiry into the matter, but it seemed like players downplayed the severity of the issue. However, the NHLPA decided to dig deeper, indicating that there might be more to the story than met the eye. This raised questions about the true extent of the problem.

The NHLPA’s Investigation

Players’ hesitation to openly discuss the issue with the NHLPA leadership suggested that there might be more troubling incidents.

The NHLPA decided to conduct a thorough investigation, likely gathering information off the record. This approach often allows players to share their concerns more candidly, free from the fear of repercussions.

The fact that the NHLPA felt compelled to escalate their investigation indicates that there might have been concrete examples of misconduct or inappropriate behavior by Babcock. After all, if nothing substantial had surfaced, there would have been no need to take the matter to the next level.

Mike Babcock: Unexpected Departure

Babcock Resign

What indeed raises eyebrows is Babcock’s decision to step down from his role as head coach before the investigation reached its conclusion.

This move suggests that there may be more to the story than we currently know. It’s a rarity in the sports world for a coach to willingly resign amid an ongoing investigation.

One can’t help but speculate about what might have transpired behind closed doors. Was there a significant revelation during the NHLPA’s deep-dive investigation that prompted Babcock to take this drastic step? We may never know for sure unless more details emerge.

The Fallout and Future Implications for Babcock

Mike Babcock’s departure leaves Columbus Blue Jackets’ General Manager Jarmo Kekäläinen in a precarious position.

Kekalainen was the one who made the controversial decision to hire Babcock in the first place. Babcock’s sudden exit intensifies the pressure on Kekalainen to find a suitable replacement.

For now, one of the assistant coaches will likely take over as the interim head coach.

However, Kekalainen will need to search for a permanent replacement sooner rather than later. This unexpected situation leaves the Blue Jackets in flux as they navigate their way forward.

Speculation and the Unknown

As with any breaking news in the sports world, speculation runs rampant. People want to know which players were involved, what exactly transpired behind the scenes, and whether Babcock’s actions were detrimental to the team’s morale and performance.

Speculating about specific players involved or the exact nature of the allegations is unproductive and can be harmful.

Instead, let’s focus on the broader implications of this situation. It highlights the significance of creating a healthy and respectful environment in professional sports, where players can perform at their best without feeling uncomfortable or disrespected.

Babcock’s Future in the NHL

One of the lingering questions is whether Mike Babcock will ever return to coaching in the NHL.

Given the circumstances of his departure and the potential seriousness of the allegations, it seems unlikely that another NHL team would be eager to take a chance on him soon.

Babcock’s once-stellar coaching career now faces a cloud of uncertainty. While it’s possible that he could seek coaching opportunities elsewhere, such as in international or minor league hockey, his chances of returning to the NHL seem slim.


In the world of sports, surprises are expected. Like, look at how Mike Babcock’s time in Columbus ended abruptly. It shows how quickly things can change. We don’t know all the details about what happened, but it highlights the importance of a respectful and supportive environment in professional sports.

Now that the Columbus Blue Jackets are starting a new chapter without Babcock, everyone in the hockey world eagerly awaits more information, hoping for the best resolution for the players and the sports.

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