Do NHL Players Get New Equipment Every Game?

When watching an NHL game, you might be captivated by the skill and athleticism of the players. But have you ever wondered about their equipment? Specifically, do NHL players get new equipment every game? It’s a question that many fans are curious about. In this blog post, we’ll examine how NHL players use their gear and whether or not they receive new equipment every game.

Do NHL players get new equipment every game?

The short answer is NO. At the start of a new season, NHL players are provided with all the gear and equipment they need to compete – courtesy of their brand sponsors! From the biggest stars to the newest rookies, NHL athletes don’t have to shell out any cash for their equipment – thanks to their sponsors!

Starting with the jerseys, every player gets enough to last their entire season and the postseason. They are also given jerseys for special occasions or matches, like the military appreciation nights.

In addition, players get a new pair of skates at the start of each season or tournament. They also get extra pairs as needed throughout the season, sometimes after every game. The sharpening of the skates is also done regularly, thus maintaining their peak performance.

The same holds true for hockey sticks, gloves, and helmets. Players get enough of this gear to last the entire season. That is why many players switch sticks throughout games, demonstrating a sufficient arsenal. NHL players, like Alexander Ovechkin, might switch sticks during a game to adapt to evolving strategies and seize opportunities.

Additionally, if a player’s equipment becomes damaged or unusable during a game, they may receive a new piece of equipment on the spot.

That being said, there are some exceptions.

Martin Brodeur Mask

For example, goalies require new pads and glove each match as they take the brunt of the game action. Within the NHL, goaltenders stand out for their exceptional skills and for bringing innovation into the game. Legendary goalie Martin Brodeur took this further and innovated the mask design to truly up his performance on the rink.

Multiple Equipment Set

So, if NHL players don’t receive new equipment every game, how do they ensure their gear is in good condition? Many players have multiple sets of equipment that they rotate between. They will use one set of equipment for practices and another for games. This ensures that their game equipment is in top condition and doesn’t wear out as quickly.

Another important factor in equipment maintenance is the equipment manager. Each team has an equipment manager responsible for ensuring the players’ gear is properly maintained and in good condition. The team equipment managers inspect the sticks after every game and if there is any sign of damage, they replace them with a new one.

Player Preferences and Customization

In addition, NHL players also have specific preferences regarding their gear. For example, some players may prefer a particular brand or model of skates, while others may have gloves broken into their exact specifications. These preferences can be very particular, and players often work with their equipment manager to ensure their gear is precisely as they want.


So, while NHL players don’t receive new equipment every game, they have a system to ensure that their gear is in top condition. Players rotate between different sets of equipment, and equipment managers are responsible for maintenance and repairs. Watching an NHL game takes a new perspective when you know what goes into the players’ equipment.

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